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Vektor in Mexico

DIF Mérida & Construyendo Familias provides support and after school activities in a safe place for children and adolescents while their parents are working in the market. Through a collaboration between DIF Mérida, Construyendo Familias and Cognition Matters, children in Mérida are now using Vektor. Ella, Greta and Galadriel Westman have been instrumental in setting up the training environment forRead More

OLPC in Uruguay

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) and the Plan Ceibal Foundation have provided laptops and tablets to all primary-school students in Uruguay. Now, Cognition Matters provides Vektor for their tablets in order to help children develop their mathematical ability.

Remote Australia

In collaboration with researchers from Monash University, the program Vektor is being tried out in rural parts of south Australia. A second trial has also taken place in Melbourne The project is covered in this article from The Age.

Swedish schools

In the spring of 2016, more than 600 children in Sollentuna County used Vektor. The impressions are documented in some of the videos available from our website. In the fall of 2016, five more counties will start training. Cognition Matter will later open up for all school teachers to use the program.

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