Support students through Vektor

How can we best support students through Vektor?

Many children enjoy working with Vektor, and can work more or less independently throughout the whole training period. Other children may find it harder and need more support from you teachers.

We have gathered some of our best advice for how to coach children through Vektor:

The most important thing is for you to be present during each training session and go between the students to see if someone needs some extra additional support. Many times, a pat on the back, a thumbs up or a simple "Great effort!" can make a big difference for the student's motivation.
If someone is finding the training more challenging one day, you may want to sit beside that person to engage some more in that perticulat training for a while.

Learning by making mistakes

Talk about how Vektor is a training program designed specifically to allow each and everyone who is training to be challenged and improve as much as possible, and that the level of difficulty is meant to adjust to their performance throughout the whole training.
Scientists have seen that it's when you're struggling with a tough task, but keeps on going that you learn and develop the most.
In other words - you are not meant to get all attempts right at once!
In this video Prof. Angela Duckworth talks about grit- an important quality to succeed with Vektor, as well as in life.

Give the students lot's of praise and support

Give them extra praise for keeping on trying, even when it's tough and challenging!
In this video Prof. Carol Dweck talks about the importance of having the right mindset, and what we can think about when giving children feedback.

Talk about the benefits from training with Vektor

The purpose of training with Vektor isn't only to help the animals in Vektor break the spell of the evil wizard; it's also to give the children a chance to train and improve their abilities!
Talk about how researchers have seen that children who have been training with Vektor during eight weeks improve about as much as you normally do during a whole year.

Many people find the working memory training extra challenging, since it's common to reach a level where you miss almost half of the attempts quite soon. It's meant to be like that, and that means that you are training at a level where you are really getting challenged and will get as much as possible out of the training.
Talk about the benefits from training your working memory! Research has shown that working memory training often leads to an improved ability to focus, and remember instructions.
In this video Prof. Torkel Klingberg working memory and working memory training.

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