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Provide your students with the opportunity to train with exercises developed by some of the world’s leading scientists and game developers within cognitive and mathematical training - and give them a head start in math. 

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Why and how you use Vektor in schools

You already have a plan for how you will teach your students math. But you know that your students’ abilities vary greatly – many of them are not really cognitively prepared for learning math. Some struggle with focusing, others lack a basic sense of numbers or logic. They all face a major challenge when you invite them to learn math with you.

Vektor can be used in children without any prior knowledge of mathematics. But it is advanced enough to be used also for children with 1 or 2 years of schooling, or for children with specific mathematical disabilities or dyscalculia.

Since the program adapts to each child’s performance, the program can be used for an entire class. In fact, our experience says that it is better for motivation if entire classes train together, rather than singling out subjects with difficulties.

All you need is a tablet for each child, headphones and an internet connection. Vektor is installed on each tablet. You also need a username for each child. Register to create an account and a list with login names for your entire class in the form on this page. As a teacher you can follow the training progress, access reward charts, diplomas and much more from your Account.

It is important to follow through with the training. We recommend 40 consecutive days of training (a one week break from training is ok).

Watch our videos and learn from other teachers' experience from successfully coaching students through Vektor. 

With a well prepared plan and your engagement and support - your students will be able to complete Vektor and improve cognitive and mathematical abilities in just a few weeks time. 

Note: At three occasions during the training the session will start with a "snail test". It is a standardized test used by our researchers to evalute the effectivity of the exercises. The children are not expected to solve all tasks. When the test time runs out they will be retuned to where they were in the game.

Cognition Flex

If you have students with special needs you might also consider using Cognition Flex. Note however that you can't use a training account created for Vektor with Cognition Flex and vice versa.


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