Try Vektor

We encourage everyone working in an organizaton about to start using Vektor to try it out!

To try Vektor, you can either:

  1. Login with "testunlocked" as username - and you will get to a demo version allowing you to see and try all exercises from Vektor, or:
  2. Create your own username from Your Account. Click to "Create trainings" and start a new group which you can name "test usernames" or "usernames teachers" or similar. By doing that, it will be easier for you to separate the training data from your trainings from the data of the students, when looking at their progress.

Do not use the childrens' usernames to login and try Vektor. If you do that, the first training session in the child's training will be started and they will miss the first session, which includes an introduction to help them understand the story of Vektor better.


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