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Designed to help children with Special needs to reach their potential. Cognition Matters was created to help children with Learning difficulties, it integrates research and game development into fun digital training tools. It was develop thanks to the donation of a private foundation. We need your help to keep it running, and we are asking for your help. If more than 10 children will use the app we ask you to make a donation of one Swedish Kronor per child , to help us with the administrative cost of running the app.
Cognition matters.

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Cognition Matters is at the moment undergoing a reorganisation in order to focus more on helping children with dyscalculia.

For parents

Vektor and Flex are playful tools designed by leading neuroscientists and game developers to help your child improve cognitive and mathematical abilities.

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For Teachers

Vektor and Flex are playful tools used in the classroom to provide all students with a better chance to improve their cognitive and mathematical abilities.

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Vektor is a training tool for early math learning in children. It also includes training on cognitive tasks important for mathematics. Vektor is a playful and engaging tablet app designed for children 6-8 years old.

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Flex is a flexible version of Vektor where the child or parent/teacher can choose type of exercise.  It can be used as a game at home or for children with special needs that can be helped by doing extra work on certain exercises.

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Since the release of Vektor in 2016 over 400 000 trainings have started. When analyzing completed trainings of the latest version we see that children improved around 1 standard deviation on mathematical tests, which is generally an improvement seen during more than one year in school. 

Surveys in the spring of 2018 showed that 90% of the teachers noted that students' number understanding had improved, 98% are satisfied with the app and 99% would recommend other schools to use Vector

Scientific background

Humans have a tendency to associate numbers and space. Learning about numbers and arithmetics using the numberline is therefore a natural and efficient way to learn. Using the numberline gives children a good start on which to build future mathematical learning. More general cognitive skills are also important for mathematics, including reasoning, spatial abilities and working memory. Vektor and Flex therefore includes these elements in a combined mathematical-cognitive training.  

While traditional education teaches facts, Vektor and Flex provides the individual with the cognitive ability necessary for learning and problem solving.

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Vektor and  Flex are available to anyone, anywhere - free of charge.
Projects with schools and organizations using Vektor are currently ongoing in a number of places, such as in Sweden, Mexico, Uruguay and Finland.
We believe that our training programs could unlock the learning potential in all children, and hope that they will come to use to as many children as possible.

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Cognition Matters is a nonprofit foundation based in Stockholm, Sweden. We exist to combine research findings with game development  - and create fun training products that help children learn math better and improve working memory capacity. Our products are based on solid research; we make them fun and easy to use and we share them globally free of charge.

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