More than ten years ago, we noticed that there were very few resources world wide, specifically design to improve the cognitive functions of the brain in children with Special Needs. We wanted to change this. We travelled the world and finally a world know Scientist and a team of Programers agreed to create a program, specifically design to help children with Special Needs, improve the Cognitive Functions of their brain, and… Cognition Matters was created, specifically to help children with Dyscalculia and Dyslexia, through a program that combine research findings with game development. We created fun and engaging training programs that help children learn Maths in an easier and fun way, while improving their working memory capacity.

Our products/ Programs, are based on solid research and they are fun and easy to use.

We exist to help children that otherwise would have no one to help them, children that have learning difficulties, and have no access to special education, or have no financial means to get help.

The programs ( Vektor and Cognition Flex) were created to help improve the cognitive function of Special needs children. However it can help everyone.

For more than ten years, we have asked for voluntary donations from the users to help run and maintain the program. However, after more than ten years No one, not a single user, has ever contributed at all, even though entire municipalities, entire schools in Sweden and Finland, and most of the 5 and 6 year old children in Sweden have been using and benefitting from the Program.

Cognition Matters was created to help Special Needs Children, specifically children that had no means to get access to Special Needs Education, children in non develop countries, in communities where Internet is provided by the government to schools, where children who can not afford to buy shoes, even less have access to a tablet or iPads attend. Unfortunately, we have reach a point where we can not exist anymore, unless the Programs are self funding. Sadly, we realised that after all this years the main purpose of Cognition Matters, of helping empowirshed children with Special Needs, has not been reached. We have not been able to distribute tablets, or send teachers to help children in non develop countries that live marginalised by poverty, we have not been able to help the children that needed it the most.

Cognition Matters has spend all the financial resources from the Foundation, covering the cost of running, improving and maintaining the programs, that had help hundreds of thousands of individual children, schools, and municipalities in Sweden and Finland, where they have financial resources to access training Programs to improve their numeracy and literacy.

To try to correct this, and in order to keep existing, we have decided to implement a contribution of one monetary unit per user for the 8 weeks of the duration of the program. For an individual user the contribution will be of 1 ( one) sek for the duration of the program, If an entire class of 30 children will be using the program we ask for 30 sek for the 8 weeks of the duration of the program. This donation is necessary to cover the administrative cost of keep running the programs and acquire and distribute tablets to schools to help underprivileged children.




Cognition Matters.

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