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Children and parents on Vektor

What do the children think about working with Vektor? What has the reactions from the parents been? The videos are short and can help you get better insight in the work with Vektor! What has Vektor meant to the students? How do the children feel about Vektor? Parents’ reactions to the Vektor training in schoolRead More

Advice during training

What can we do to support the children while they’re training with Vektor? How do we manage children who loose motivation for training? Watch these videos and hear what teachers experienced from working with Vektor has to say about that, and much more. The videos are short and will give you advice on how toRead More

Watch and learn to be better prepared

In these videos, teachers share experiences and advice on how to get a successful start with Vektor. They are only a couple of minutes long and will give you useful tips in preparation for your work with Vektor!  

Vektor in Mexico

DIF Mérida & Construyendo Familias provides support and after school activities in a safe place for children and adolescents while their parents are working in the market. Through a collaboration between DIF Mérida, Construyendo Familias and Cognition Matters, children in Mérida are now using Vektor. Ella, Greta and Galadriel Westman have been instrumental in setting up the training environment forRead More

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