About Cognition Matters

Cognition Matters is a nonprofit foundation based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our aim is to design, develop and share globally a new generation of cognitive training tools.

Cognition Matters

Cognitive training is one of the most exciting new fields of cognitive neuroscience. Research has shown that it is possible to improve basic cognitive abilities through intensive computerized training. While traditional education teaches facts, cognitive training provides the individual with the abilities necessary for learning and problem solving.

Cognitive impairments, including low working memory and inattention, are the leading causes of academic failure, especially in math. Working memory training has been shown to be effective not only for children with ADHD but also for the general population.

Research and training programs exist for improving working memory, inattention, reasoning ability and number sense in mathematics. Cognition Matters is developing these research tools into self-motivating games, to be used on tablets. We make them easy to use. We distribute them on a large scale, free of charge.

We are aiming to create a system of training methods that is capable of substantially improve working memory, concentration levels and raise numeracy among children with dyscalculia as well as in children in the general population. Improved ability to learn, especially in math, and a decrease in symptoms of inattention would have a powerful impact on society.

We believe that our training programs could unlock the learning potential in all children, including in low resource settings where limited intellectual stimulation often holds many children back. This is our way of addressing the challenge of educational inequality, world-wide.

The purpose of Cognition Matters is to bridge the gap between research and commercial game development. Our team combines both worlds, enabling us to move from research insights to attractive and game-like training tools.


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