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Cognition Matters is a nonprofit organisation. We share our training programs free of charge and rely on support from donors. If you want to be part of helping out – please feel free to donate any sum of your choice!

Board members

Sonia Westman, Chairman Torkel Klingberg Mattias Westman


Executive Director Torkel Klingberg Support Carin Fagerberg Development David Sjölander Jonas Beckeman Stefan Guath

Scientific Advisory Board

Brian Butterworth Brian Butterworth is emeritus professor of cognitive neuropsychology at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London. Dr. Butterworth is one of the leading figures in dyscalculia research. He is a founding editor of the journals “Mathematical Cognition” and “Language and Cognitive Processes”. Professor Butterworth’s the author of the book “The Mathematical Brain” and co-editor of “Educational Neuroscience”.Read More

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