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Advice during training

What can we do to support the children while they’re training with Vektor? How do we manage children who loose motivation for training? Watch these videos and hear what teachers experienced from working with Vektor has to say about that, and much more. The videos are short and will give you advice on how toRead More

Watch and learn to be better prepared

In these videos, teachers share experiences and advice on how to get a successful start with Vektor. They are only a couple of minutes long and will give you useful tips in preparation for your work with Vektor!  

Cognition Flex

Since the launch of Vektor, we have had requests from teachers and parents to release a training tool where children can choose which tasks to focus on, rather than go through a pre-specified 40-day plan. This can be useful, for example, for an older child or a child with special needs that wants to workRead More

Support students through Vektor

How can we best support students through Vektor? Many children enjoy working with Vektor, and can work more or less independently throughout the whole training period. Other children may find it harder and need more support from you teachers. We have gathered some of our best advice for how to coach children through Vektor: The mostRead More

Try Vektor

We encourage everyone working in an organizaton about to start using Vektor to try it out! To try Vektor, you can either: Login with “testunlocked” as username – and you will get to a demo version allowing you to see and try all exercises from Vektor, or: Create your own username from Your Account. Click to “Create trainings”Read More

Get the school staff onboard

Having everyone in your school onboard with Vektor will help you set up for a successful training! Make sure that teachers and other school staff who might be involved knows what Vektor is and does, and what’s expected from them. For the school staff who will be present when the children are training with Vektor,Read More

Inform the parents!

Feel free to use this letter to inform parents about your work with Vektor in school. Those who are interested in learning more are welcome to visit our website and watch our videos and read more about Cognition Matters and Vektor. Many schools have taken the opportunity to talk more about – and letting parents tryRead More

Involve the children!

Make sure the children understand that Vektor will be part of their daily school work during the coming weeks, and talk about the importance of having the right mindset; It’s not about getting all attempts right – it’s when you’re struggling with a tough task and keeps on going that your brain learn and developsRead More

Plan your time!

Make a time plan to ensure all children in the group will be able to complete 40 sessions, with one 30 min session per day, 4-5 days per week during 8-10 weeks. A fixed time for training each day usually helps, and the morning is a good training time for many people. But the mostRead More

Get ready for a successful experience with Vektor

What can we do to prepare? Watch these videos! Make sure there’s enough tablets for the training group, and that they meet our system requirements. Make sure you have enough headphones for the training group, and that they work properly. Install Vektor from App store or Google Play store. Make sure there’s a stable internetRead More

Print reward charts for your students.

Click here to open and print reward chart Allow your students to check of each completed session with Vektor with a marker or stickers. This will help them view their training progress and help increase their motivation for following through with all 40 training sessions.

Benefits from having all schools onboard

Learn more about the school district’s thoughts on the benefits of having all schools in the district use Vektor, and why they feel it’s important to have all schools onboard.  

How to succeed with Vektor

What can we do to get the most out of Vektor? Watch these videos! Engage in the training! Try Vektor a few times to get a better understanding of what the students are doing. It can make a big difference for the students’ motivation if you are able to ask specific questions and understand what they refer to whenRead More

Privacy policy

  1. GENERAL 1.1 This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) is entered into by Stiftelsen Cognitive Enchancement, reg. no. 802478-3584, with address Cognition Matters, c/o Karolinska Institutet, Retzius väg 8, 171 65 Solna, Sweden, e-mail:, (“Cognition Matters”, “we”, “us”) and you as a user (“You”, the “User”), and applies when Cognition Matters supplies the websiteRead More

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