Cognition Flex

Since the launch of Vektor, we have had requests from teachers and parents to release a training tool where children can choose which tasks to focus on, rather than go through a pre-specified 40-day plan. This can be useful, for example, for an older child or a child with special needs that wants to work extra specifically with the numberline, but not with cognitive training, or the other way around.

While the exercises in this new app are almost identical to the exercises in Vektor, we have not done any scientific studies using this app. Since Cognition Matters takes research seriously, we don't make any scientific claim that training with this product will give any effect although we believe it does. You have to find out yourself.

Training accounts created on the website for Vektor can not be used for Cognition Flex and the progress can not be shown on the website. You create an account for Flex the first time you use the app and you can follow the progress in the app. Training accounts created in Flex can not be used in Vektor.

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