How to succeed with Vektor

What can we do to get the most out of Vektor?

  1. Watch these videos!
  2. Engage in the training! Try Vektor a few times to get a better understanding of what the students are doing. It can make a big difference for the students' motivation if you are able to ask specific questions and understand what they refer to when talking about Vektor.
  3. Print our check list and keep it available for you teachers during the training period.
  4. Support and praise the children! See our recommendations for providing the students with as good support as possible during training.
  5. Talk about Vektor at assemblies! Allow the students to help each other and come up with solutions together through discussions.
  6. Celebrate your success! Take the opportunity to mark when you're halfway through Vektor by having a small celebration and talk about how proud you are.
  7. Gather students who need more support during the training sessions close together in the classroom, to make it easier for you as teachers to be near them and provide support.
  8. Help each other! Perhaps there are other schools in your district that are working with Vektor? Get in touch to see if you can meet regularly or stay in contact in another way to give each other support and advice in your work.
  9. Use the information on Your Account at Cognition Matters, and make a habit of logging in once a week to follow the students' progress.
  10. Celebrate when the students have reached 40 completed sessions by having a party or doing some other activity together that they appreciate.
    Here's a diploma to print and hand out to all student.
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