Get the school staff onboard

Having everyone in your school onboard with Vektor will help you set up for a successful training!
Make sure that teachers and other school staff who might be involved knows what Vektor is and does, and what’s expected from them.

For the school staff who will be present when the children are training with Vektor, it’s important to understand that the children are supposed to work independently with their trainings. The exercises and levels will vary between the students, and there’s no point in comparing or competing with each other.

The majority of children seem to enjoy training with Vektor, but it is good to keep in mind that Vektor is designed to be challenging enough to allow the child to make mistakes and improve. It might get frustrating and challenging at times, and being present to engage in the training with the students will help them follow through.

This is a good introduction video to get an idea of the benefits from Vektor.

And these videos are recommended for teachers before starting up with Vektor.

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