Involve the children!

Make sure the children understand that Vektor will be part of their daily school work during the coming weeks, and talk about the importance of having the right mindset; It’s not about getting all attempts right - it’s when you’re struggling with a tough task and keeps on going that your brain learn and develops the most!

The exercises and levels might vary between the children, and it's good to remind the children about the fact that they shouldn't compare with each other, and that they're only competing against themselves.


You may also want to give the children a brief background of the story in Vektor - that an evil wizard has put a spell to all the animals on the islands, which has transformed them to monster animals.


Each child will have their own avatar that they can select appearance for. With the help of the child - the avatar will help the animals transform back to being themselves again by solving the different problems. If the child has put in extra effort - they might gain rewards for their avatar!


As an extra mean for motivation - print and hand out one reward chart to each child, and tell them to check each completed training session with a sticker or marker.

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