System requirements

General: Preferably 10" screen or larger, as some exercises may require precision finger movements

Apple: iPad 2 or later, iOS 9.3.1 or later.

Android: OS 4.4 or later, minimum 1 GHz CPU, minimum 1 GB RAM.

We recommend that each person training with Vektor is using the same device each training session. In case you need to switch between devices, make sure you have internet connection each session before making the switch to ensure no data is lost.

If you are training in a group and several children take turn to use the same device, we recommend that you mark the devices and ensure that the same group of children always use the same device.
We recommend a maximum of 10 users per device to avoid the local storage to fill up.

Check that the devices have the correct date and time settings before starting the training, to make sure you see accurate time and date of training in Your Account when monitoring the trainings.

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