Vektor in Mexico

DIF Mérida & Construyendo Familias provides support and after school activities in a safe place for children and adolescents while their parents are working in the market.
Through a collaboration between DIF Mérida, Construyendo Familias and Cognition Matters, children in Mérida are now using Vektor.

Ella, Greta and Galadriel Westman have been instrumental in setting up the training environment for the children in Mérida, and ensuring a smooth progress throughout the project.




In Monterrey, Mexico, 6-year-old children in several schools are training using Vektor. The schools are created by the Child Development Centers (CENDI) organization, which provides healthcare and childcare for working mothers in poor areas.
The project is led from the Niilo Mäki Institute in Finland, in collaboration with the University of Monterrey, Cognition Matters and researchers from and the Karolinska Institutet.

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