About Vektor

Vektor is a training tool for early math learning in children, and includes training on cognitive tasks important for mathematics.

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About Vektor

Vektor is designed based on research about effective early learning of mathematics and developed by leading researchers in collaboration with experienced game developers. It's a playful and engaging tablet app designed for children around 6-8 years old, but can be also used by older children if they have difficulties in learning mathematics.
We have created Vektor in the form of a game, complete with heroes, monsters and treasures. The child is the hero and the monsters are just scary enough to make it fun to see them turn into lovely pets. The treasures inspire more involvment and more training. The training is intense, but also gently adaptive – each child is always exercising on a level appropriate for the situation. 
The child train for 30 minutes per day, five days a week during eight weeks.
Since Vektor is close to language-free, it can be used by children across the whole globe.

Training of the working memory improves the capacity to keep information in working memory, and to remember instructions.

Using the number line combines different representations of numbers: symbolic representation, spatial representation, length and number of objects.

Reasoning and spatial abilities are important for mathematical understanding and also included in Vektor.

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